Over Rens

Hi, my name is Rens van der Vorst. I am Dutch. I work as a technophilosopher at Fontys University. I am an author (one book failed, one is a best seller, one is an unpublished brilliant novel). An historian of the Olympics. A keynote speaker (yes, you can hire me). A mockumentarymaker. A cartoonist. An entrepreneur (I sell a lot of bibs). A photographer. A marketing genius. And I created the CEPTCHA. A test to prove that you are human.

Find me on rens@technofilosofie.com or 0031 6 5024 2071.

I am a father, husband, friend and NAC Supporter. All the other things I do, I collect here, as relics of a pleasant, but wasted life.

Entrepreneur / Ondernemer:
Owner of market leader in personalised bibs: hesje.com BV (Dutch)
Owner of CIMB (Confetti in mijn Bier) – my company.

Technophilosopher / Technofilosoof:
Creator of the CEPTCHA (a better CAPTCHA) (English)
Initiator of the Technology Impact Cycle Tool; (English)
Technophilosopher at Fontys University and founder of www.technofilosofie.com (Dutch)
Teacher and Moral Design researcher.
Columnist at Emerce, www.cio.nl, bron.fontys.nl and www.surfspace.nl (Dutch)
Programm – Owner of the Quantified Student Project (Dutch)
Inventor of the complot or compote game (about conspiracy theories).

Speaker / Presentator:
You can book me on: www.despreker.nl (Dutch)
A TedxTalk (don’t mind the English)

Marketing Genius / Marketing Man:
Owner of Henk van de Scher Advertising (Dutch)
A TedxTalk (English)

Historian / Historicus
Movies on the hidden history of the Olympics (English).

Maker van Mockumentaries over Bermmonumenten or Goede Doelen (Dutch)

Auteur / Author:
Novel: De Pornokoning en het Geheim van de Revolvers (unpublished but brilliant) – trailer available.
Author of Appen is het Nieuwe Roken (5th / > 10k).
Author of Waarom je Altijd Wilt winnen van je Navigatiesysteem (2020 / 6th / > 12k)

Inventor of the Pitsmoezen, the best Formula One Cartoon ever.

Fotograaf / Photographer:
Making photos of people who make photos of photos.

Find me on:
0031 6-50242071
Or LinkedIn

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